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The 2001 Ram model year began on Jan 1, 2000

Sales Figures: 380,874 (Source MSN Carpoint)


The 2000 model year was cut short to avoid a CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) requirement on all truck models built after Jan 1, 2000. Lumped into the 2001 truck group with the Ram were the much smaller and more fuel efficient Minivans and PT Criusers (the PT was introduced late in the 2000 model year as a 2001). The smaller Vans and PT's have high enough sales figures to raise the "truck" CAFE above the minimum, saving DaimlerChrysler a large pile of $$ in fuel penalties.


  • New for 2001
    • New exterior colors: Amber Fire Pearl Coat, Bright Silver Metallic
  • Ram trucks built from January 1, 2000 to July 1, 2000 are referred to as 2001 models.
    • The early 2001 models have drum brakes in the rear.
  • Ram trucks built from July 1, 2000 to July 2001 are referred to as 2001.5 models by Ram owners (DC still calls them 2001 models). Most 2001.5 models differ from 2001 models by:
    • Added - disk brakes in the rear
    • Deleted - Vanity mirror lights.
    • Deleted - Rear cup holders were deleted.
    • Deleted - Insulation under the hood on diesel models.
    • Deleted - Front and Rear grab handles on passenger side.
    • Deleted - SLT tailgate protector
    • Deleted - Amber Fire Pearcoat paint
    • Deleted - plastic rear wheel liners    (P/N 5534 6010 SHIELD, Wheelhouse)
    • Deleted - self-Dimming rear view mirror
    • Silver radio antenna (was painted black in previous models)
    • Cowl rubber seal size reduced by 1/2
    • Phase out of Cab Clearance lights on 2500's.
    • One less leaf spring





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